The circuit boards and internal receivers listed below are the only ones still available for the Genie and Overhead Door brands of garage door openers. All others have been discontinued. All Genie and Overhead Door brand boards are identified by a small white tag stuck on the component. Match the lower set of numbers on the tag to one on our list below.

The boards listed below are the only ones still available. All others have been discontinued. There are no substitutes!

This page displays Genie Compatible Garage Door Opener sequensors, Genie Compatible 3-terminal control boards, Genie Compatible 6-terminal control boards, Genie Compatible excelerator motor drive boards, Genie Compatible excelerator control/receiver boards, and Genie Compatible 12 switch receivers that are for sale, in stock, and ready to ship.

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Sequensor (30901S)

Genie Sequensor 30901S $58.45

GPS1200IC Stealth

Sequensor (31184R)

Genie Sequensor 31184R $62.75

All Clutchless AC Screw Drive Series II

Sequensor (31181R)

Genie Sequensor 31181RNO LONGER AVAILABLE
PMX, PMX-A, IC250, IC Models

Control Board 3-Terminal

Genie Control Board 3 Terminal 20380R 36190T

• 3 Terminal ICB Control Board
• 33001R, 33001T, 34374R, 34374T, 20380R
• IC 250-B, 696CD-B, PMXB

Control Board

Genie Control Board 35616R 35616R

Chain Glide 1020, 2020 models

Control Board 6-Terminal

25648R Genie Garage Door Opener Internal Receiver 36190S

• 6 Terminal ICB Control Board
• Chain Glide ML Series
• 34514R, 34514S, 34514T, 20380S

Control Board

Control Board 36042A 36042A

Model 2040L

Excelerator Control/Receiver Board

Genie Excelerator Control Board/Receiver Board 34019R 36600R

• PRO99, PRO9900, H8000D, H8000D-2K, ISD Series
• Old part number 34019R

Excelerator Motor Drive Board

Genie Excelerator Motor Drive Board 34463R 36428R

PRO99, PRO9900, H8000D, H8000D-2K, ISD Series, 34463R, 35383R

12 Switch Receiver

Genie 12 Switch Receiver 25648R 25648R

AC Screw Drive, PMX-A & GPS, Series II

This applies to Intellicode Receiver:

• Receiver board for Intellicode Garage Openers. IC250, AC Screw Drive, PMX-A & GPS, Series II
• Works with part numbers 34375R, 31171R, 33629R, 35593LA, 20437R, 36306R. It is factory replacement receiver board for the OBSOLETE 20437R receiver. It is smaller in size, but installs, mounts, and programs the same fashion as the old board
• Compatible Garage Door Opener Keyless Entry is GWKIC

Intellicode Receiver

Genie Garage Door Opener Receiver for Electric Gates Genie Garage Door Opener Receiver for Electric Gates Old Style Board - NO LONGER AVAILABLE New Style Board

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