Associated model numbers: GPWK, GWK, or GWK-BL

  1. Important Information
    • WARNING - Moving Door can cause serious injury or death
      • DO NOT install transmitter unless the door operator's safety reverse works as required by the door operator's manual
      • Wall control must be mounted in sight of door, at least 5 feet above floor and clear of moving door parts
      • Keep people clear of opening while door is moving
      • DO NOT allow children to play with the transmitter or door operator
    • If safety reverse does not work properly:
      • Close door then disconnect operator using the manual release handle
      • DO NOT use transmitter or door operator
      • Refer to Door and Door Operators Owner's Manuals before attempting any repairs
    • Electrical Shock can cause serious injury or death:
      • Power cord must be unplugged before attaching any wires
      • Be sure wire ends do not touch each other or other terminals
      • If you have questions or if you need a manual, contact the distributor or manufacturer of the operator
    • Your code block with dip switches can be found where you see the antenna wire hanging from the motor head (you may have to take the lens cover off). If antenna wire is not hanging from motor head then you have an external receiver which is a black box approx. 6" x 2" mounted somewhere in the garage with a antenna wire hanging from it (pop off cover to find code block with dip switches).
  2. Programming instructions
    • To insure proper programming and installation you will need to do the following:
      • Install the keypad
      • Determine your door code
      • Select your personal identification number (ID)
      • Program the keypad
      • Test operation
    • Quick, easy, wireless installation. Mounts with only two screws, and powered by a standard 9volt battery (included):
      • Power saver. Slide up keypad cover to automatically turn on unit. If cover is left up, the unit will shut off approximately one minuet after the last button is pressed.
      • Low-Power warning. When LED does not flash, battery needs to be replaced. The unit will continue to function for a limited period of time.
      • NO Memory Loss when battery dies or is replaced.
      • Unique Slide-Up Keypad Cover provides maximum security and helps protect Keypad from the elements.
      • Two-Step Programmability for maximum security and user convenience.
      • Any Key Operation. After correct code is entered and door is activated, depress any key within 30 seconds to control door.
      • Security Lockout. After three incorrect Personal Identification Numbers (PIN) are entered, the unit will shut off for one minute.
  3. Installation instructions
    • Step 1-1 Mount Wireless Keypad on a flat vertical surface with enough room above to slide cover up. Pick location out of path of moving garage door and supporting hardware.
    • Step 1-2 Slide Keypad Cover up and pull off wireless Keypad. Slide off battery cover and remove battery.
    • Step 1-3 Mark two holes by tapping a small nail through screw holes on keypad. Drill 1/16" pilot holes then fasten with #6 screws enclosed. Replace Keypad Cover.
    • Step 1-4 Replace battery and slide battery cover back into place.
  4. Determining your door code
    • Step 2-1 Locate Operator Code Switches on Door Operator. Fig. 3.
    • Step 2-2 Mark down your Operator Switch Settings by circling U (Up) or D (down) for each switch setting. Fig. 4
    • Step 2-3 Convert each group of three switch settings to a group number. Chart A.
    • Step 2-4 Fill in 3 DOOR CODE numbers for 9 Code switches and 4 DOOR CODE numbers for 12 Code switches. Fig. 4.
  5. Genie Wireless Keypad Entry System Genie Wireless Keypad Entry System
    • NOTE: On new operator installation you MUST set Operator Code on Door Operator and Remote Control Transmitters before you begin programming this Wireless Keypad. Refer to the Owner's Manual for setting these switches. If you have not done this on your existing Door Operator. DO SO NOW!
    • If your Door Code is 7,7,7 or 7,7,7,7 DO NOT CONTINUE. Refer to your Owner's Manual for setting of Door Operator and Remote Controller Security Code Switches. DO NOT LEAVE AT FACTORY SETTINGS.
  6. Selecting your personal identification (PIN)
    Your PIN number can be created from any group of numbers up to 8 digits of your choice. (Do Not use # or *).
    NOTE: It is NOT good security to use your address, phone number, birth date, ect.
  7. Programming the keypad
    For easy reference write your code switch settings from FIG 4 here. __ __ __ __.
    Follow the steps and the red light signals listed below:
    To program Action Red light
    Step 1 RESET KEYPAD - Slide Keypad cover half way up while pressing the # and 8 buttons simultaneously, slide the keypad cover up until it latches. Stays lit
      Release # and 8 buttons Goes out
    Step 2 Press 3,5,7, and # buttons Flashes 1 time per sec.
    Step 3 Enter PIN and press # button Flashes 2 times per sec.
    Step 4 Enter Door code from Fig. 4 and press * button Goes out
    Step 5 Slide Keypad Cover down  
    Step 6 Test Keypad Go to Section 8 TO OPERATE KEYPAD  

    To change PIN only Action Red light
      Slide Keypad Cover up until it latches Flashes once
      Enter OLD PIN and press # button Flashes 1 time per second
      Enter NEW PIN and press # button Flashes 2 times per sec.
      Press * button Goes out
      Slide Keypad Cover Down  
      Test Keypad Slide Keypad Cover up until it latches  
      Enter PIN and press * button (door should operate)  
      Slide Keypad Cover down  

    To reset keypad memory to factory settings Action Red light
      Slide Keypad Cover half way up Stays lit
      While pressing the # and 8 buttons simultaneously, slide the Keypad cover up until it latches  
      Release # button and 8 button Goes out
      To begin programming, go to 7 PROGRAMMING. Step 2  

    To change door code only Action Red light
      Any time you wish to change the DOOR CODE, you MUST first change the Security Code Switch settings on the Door Operator and all Remote Control Transmitters, then go to 4 DETERMINING YOUR DOOR CODE.  
      Enter PIN and press # button Flashes 1 time per sec
      Press # button again Goes out
      Test Keypad Slide keypad cover up until it latches  
      Enter PIN and press * button. Slide Keypad Cover down  

    If you have any problems, refer to the troubleshooting section.

  8. Programming the keypad
    Step 1 - Slide Keypad Cover up until it latches. Enter PIN and press * button.
    Step 2 - Slide keypad cover down.
  9. Troubleshooting
    Problem Cause Action
    Keypad does not light 1. Keypad cover not fully open 1. Pull Keypad Cover up until it catches open.
      2. Dead battery 2. Replace battery
    Door does not open 1. Wrong PIN entered 1. Reenter PIN
    Red light blinking   2. (See 7 PROGRAMMING)
    Door does not open 1. Door code does not match door opener 1. Reenter door code
        2. (See 7 PROGRAMMING)

    • Battery strength is shown by brightness of red LED light. Open sliding Keypad Cover completely. NO or DIM light indicates weak battery. Replace battery as soon as possible.
    • Programmed memory is not lost while replacing battery.
    • For security, occasionally press other buttons or change PIN so all buttons get worn and dirty.
    • A blinking red light indicates a wrong PIN was entered. A wrong PIN entered 3 times causes Keypad to shut down temporarily as a security measure.
    • While the door is moving, you can control it by pressing any numbered button on the Wireless Keypad. If door begins closing and you need to stop it, press any numbered button on the Keypad and the door will stop operating.


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